eNICQ 6 - Installation Guides


Because of the different installation types you can have with eNICIQ 6, the installation guide was broken down into separate guides to try to help simplify things. There are three different guides for installing eNICQ 6; one for installing the database on an existing SQL Server on a network (recommended), one for installing the database locally on a workstation using SQL Server Express 2019, and the Test Installation Guide.

The guides for installing on an existing SQL Server, and for installing locally discuss the pros and cons of each installation, but if you would like to discuss it with us you can contact VON Support Department at support@vtoxford.org or by calling (802) 865-4814 x240.


Guide for Installing eNICQ 6 on an Existing SQL Server (recommended):

This guide walks you though installing the eNICQ 6 on an existing SQL Server (2014 or newer) for a network installation, with the assistance with your IT department's database team. If you are going to install eNICQ 6 client applications on multiple workstations this would be the correct installation guide for you to follow. 

To download the Guide of Installing eNICQ 6 on an Existing SQL Server, click here


eNICQ 6 Local Installation Guide:

This guide provides the instructions on installing both the eNICQ 6 database and the client application locally on a single workstation. This should be used if you do not have an existing SQL Server on which to install the database, or if there isn't sufficient support from your IT department's database team to assist with the installation. 

There are security risks to this type of installation, and creating backups is more difficult so if, for example, the hard drive fails, you will lose the database. The data VON collects is de-identified data so we cannot supply the users with a backup of their data to be imported into a new installation.

To download the eNICQ 6 Local Installation Guide, click here


eNICQ 6 Test Installation Guide:

This guide will walk your IT department though how to do a test installation of eNICQ 6.

To download the eNICQ 6 Test Installation Guide, click here