eNICQ 6 - Upgrading to SQL Server 2019 Express


On July 12, 2022 Microsoft is ending support of SQL Server 2012 including the Express Edition. This is the version which had come packaged in the eNICQ 6 installer for local installations of the database for people without the IT support to install the database on an existing Standard or Enterprise Edition of SQL Server. Microsoft will no longer be doing any security updates to SQL Server 2012 on that date, so VON updated the installer to include SQL Server 2019 Express in it.

The eNICQ 6 - Upgrading to SQL Server 2019 Express guide walks you though exporting the data from eNICQ 6, installing the database again on SQL Server 2019 Express, and then importing the data from the old database.

To download the Upgrading to SQL Server 2019 Express Guide click here