How can I test my file format?

Question: How can I test my EDS file format?

Answer: If you are going to be building your submission files using a program other than eNICQ 6, there is a web page where you can test submission to confirm that your file format is correct on Data Management in the Member Portal. The file uploader and file format test have been combined into one too. The steps on finding and using the tester are:

1. Log into the Member Portal

2. On the Portal Home Page open the Data navigation menu in the top left, and select Data Management

3. In Data Management click Electronic File Submission on the left

4. Click on the dropdown menu which displays "Submit Data to VON", and instead select one of the Test Birth Year options.

Data Management in the Member Portal,Electronic File Submission,File Upload,test format

5. Click Choose File, browse to the file you wish to test, and select it.

File Upload,Choose File button

6. Click Upload File and a message will pop up with the results of the format test

File Upload,Upload file button


Overview:  For an overview of Electronic Data Submission options, click here

If you have any more questions about the newly designed Data Management, please see the Data Management User's Guide.


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