eNICQ 6 - How do I work with XML files?


How do I work with XML files in eNICQ 6?


An XML file is a text file holding data marked by a tagging system (similar to HTML.)  You can open an XML file in any text editor, such as Notepad. It is also possible to import an XML file into most database and spreadsheet applications.

Here is a screenshot of an import to Microsoft Excel 2010:



Here is a screenshot of an import into Microsoft Access 2010:



Ribbon, toolbar and menu mappings may be different depending on your version of Microsoft Office.  Please consult your software documentation for additional information on importing XML files.

 Why Is CSV File Export No Longer Available?

A CSV data file is inherently less stable than XML or JSON formatting.  While we've retained the ability to import CSV files for customers who rely on the format for their data interface, we have dropped it from the export formats that we are able to support.  


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