eNICQ 6 - Offline Mode Error Message

Reported Issue: 

Receiving the error message "Your instance of eNICQ is being set to Offline Mode for the following reason:

VON Web Services Failure"

eNICQ 6 error,popup,Offline Mode


Please note when you click "OK" twice to open eNICQ in offline mode, you can enter data but the data will not be sent to VON until eNICQ is not in Offline Mode. Additionally, locally saved codes such as Transfer Codes, Surgery Codes, etc. will not be updated in offline mode.

  1. Check to see what version of eNICQ you are using. 
    1. Open eNICQ
    2. Click on the cog wheel in the upper right hand corner of eNICQ
    3. Make sure that the database and client version of eNICQ is 6.1.1 or higher
    4. If it is not, upgrade your eNICQ
  2. Use the Web Services Tester to determine if eNICQ is connecting to the web services.


Root Cause: 

  • Your version of eNICQ 6 might be out of date. If your version of eNICQ is 6.1.0 or less, you will see this message.
  • VON's Web Services may be down.
  • VON's Web Services may be blocked by your firewall.