eNICQ 6 - "An error occurred loading codes via service" - table-valued parameter error

Reported Issue: 

When trying to run eNICQ the error message appears saying:

An error occurred loading codes via service: Trying to pass a table-valued parameter with 7 column(s) where the corresponding user-defined table type requires 8 column(s). - Command failed executing StoredProcedure:dbo.prcSaveTransferCodes

Any missing codes will be loaded from database.

It will also give a message saying there is an update available for the eNICQ 6 application.

image001__2_.png,screenshot of eNICQ 6.2 error message,An error occurred loading codes via service



The resolution is to upgrade the client application on the workstation using the MSI. For instructions on upgrading to Version 6.2.0, click here.


Root Cause: 

This is the error message that occurs when the database has been upgraded to version 6.2 but the client application is still version 6.1.1. You can confirm this by logging into eNICQ 6, opening the Advance Menu Options by clicking on the gear icon in the top right of the Patient Log, and selecting About eNICQ. Here it will display the version numbers of both the client application and the database.

image001__3_.png,screenshot of About eNICQ screen,version numbers