eNICQ 6 - System.IndexOutOfRangeException: SubmissionInactive error

Reported Issue: 

eNICQ 6 will not run, but instead gives the following error:

eNICQ 6 error upon login,IndexOutOfRangeException,SubmissionInactive


Exception occurred when collection center information by dbguid: System.IndexOutOfRangeException: SubmissionInactive
at System.Data.ProviderBase.FieldNameLookup.GetOrdinal(String fieldName)
at System.Data.Common.DataRecordInternal.GetOrdinal(String name)
at System.Data.Common.DataRecordInternal.get_Item(String name)
at vonEnicqCommon.Models.E6Center.LoadData(IDataRecord dr)
at vonEnicqCommon.Models.E6Center.CollectCenterInfo(Int32 centerId, Boolean includeInactive)
at Von.Model.Startup.StartupProtocol.UpdateCentersByDbGuid()
Application : eNICQ6
Subroutine : StartupWindow
ErrorCode : -2002

For further information regarding this error, please have your IT team review the eNICQ6 error log. If you still need assistance, please contact Vermont Oxford Network at 802-865-4814 ext 240 or email support@vtoxford.org


Root Cause: 

This is the error you will see if the eNICQ 6 client application is version 6.2 but the database is still version 6.1.1. The client is looking for a field in the database that doesn't exist yet (it is new with version 6.2), and this causes the client application to not run.

Resolution or Workaround:

Upgrade the database to version 6.2. The instructions on upgrading the database are in the eNICQ 6 - Upgrading to Version 6.2.0 article. You do will need to run the eNICQ 6 installer to update the database (the MSI will only update the client). This will require having the "db_owner" role or greater on the database.